Jürgen Umbrich's Homepage

Funded Projects

ADEQUATe (October 2015 - March 2018)
ADEQUATe Open Data: Analytics & Data Enrichment to improve the QUAliTy of Open Data
— FFG - ICT for the Future
GraphSense (September 2015 - October 2017)
Real-time Insight into Virtual Currence Ecosystems
— FFG - ICT for the Future
OpenData@WU (July 2014 - December 2015)
Open Data portal of the WU Vienna.
— Jubiläumsfond der Stadt Wien

Current Projects

Open Data Portal Watch
Open Data portal of the WU Vienna.
WU Open Data Portal
Open Data portal of the WU Vienna.
The Dynamic Linked Data Observatory is a long-term experiment to monitor the two-hop neighbourhood of a core set of eighty thousand diverse Linked Data documents on a weekly basis.
SPARQLES continuously monitors public available SPARQL endpoints along the for dimensions of (i) availability, (ii) discoverability, (iii) performance and (iv) supported SPARQL features.

Past Projects

The LDSpider project provides a web crawling framework for the Linked Data web.
NxParser is a Java open source, streaming, non-validating parser for the Nx format, where x = Triples, Quads, or any other number
LIDAQ is a link traversal based query execution engine for the Web of Data incorporating lightweight RDFS reasoning.
Anything To Triples (any23) is a library, a web service and a command line tool that extracts structured data in RDF format from a variety of Web documents
Yet Another RDF Store 2: Scalable [Triple]/Quad Store.